For Sale

A few calculators and most of my slide-rules are for sale. If you would like to buy one or more objects, please contact me. You can write me in English, Dutch or German.

If you like to sell any nice object (for a nice price) that would fit my collection, please contact me. I am very interested in addiators and other slide-adders. Perhaps you have articles for barter.

Objects for sale:

  • all the printing and non-printing adding machines
  • almost all my pinwheels (not Brunsviga-Trinks, Odhner 24)
  • many small adders
  • some small addiators (Produx MA red)
  • all the slide-rules
  • all books about slide-rules
  • all abaci

Of course you would have to pay for any delivery.

I prefer to send heavy items to persons in the Netherlands.