Mechanical calculators

My name is Kees Nagtegaal. I made this site for collectors of non-electric mechanical calculating devices.


My collection exists of over a hundred:  Seidel & Naumann

  • mechanical calculators (Odhner, Brunsviga, Facit),
  • adders (Addiator, Produx, Resulta, etc.),
  • adding machines (Comptometer, Burroughs, Plus, etc.),
  • counters (Durant, Record, Hengstler, etc.),
  • slide-rules (Aristo, Nestler,etc.),
  • and more.

You can see all of those with description in the gallery. Feel free to check out my books and manuals, too.

A few calculators and most of my slide-rules are for sale. If you would like to purchase items, please ask. If you have any nice object (and a nice price) for my collection, please contact me. I am very interested in addiators and other slide-adders.

If you are interested in Addiators, you had to see the catalogue Addiators and other slide adders. 





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